Quest acquires VKernel

In Quest, Virtualization, Vmware on November 17, 2011 at 21:43

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Vkernel the virtualization capacity management company is now a part of Quest – now I really should rewrite my posts on cloud management… (Statement on Vkernel’s Blog) Whether this will really “accelerate growth” for Vkernel remains to be seen however as a firm believer in larger frameworks/ecosystems I applaud this addition to Quest’s already impressive, tho scattered, line-up of management tools.

The Virtualization Practice seems to share my opinion – and I agree with them on the fact that the structure of the acquisition (Vkernel will be remain a separate entity) might hinder the integration of Vkernel in a Quest management framework. However Microsoft and Opalis did something similar – and that seems to have turned out alright. I’m not sure yet where I stand in regards to the absolute necessity to, as the Virtualization Practice puts it, “..bubble all of the vSphere metrics up to three simple scores (Health, Efficiency and Risk)..” and I will get back to that some other time.

I did a mini-review of vScope Explorer not to long ago and am going to do one on vOperations as well. Maybe I’ll test drive some of the Quest stuff as well in order to form a well grounded opinion on the acquisition and Quest’s position in the cloud management landscape.


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